​​We specialize in home and office decor! 

All commission work is customized to our clients specifications. 


Sculptures - Ceramic, Hard Wood/Exotic, Metals, Porcelain

Graphite - Pencils, Color Pencil, Black, Hard, Soft and Smudge Drawings.

Charcoal, Pastel, and Chalk - ​Hot Sketches, Streetscapes, Landscapes, Seascapes, and creative combinations.

Oils, Acrylics - Ab-ex, Abstract, Surrealism, Impressionism, Expressionism, Post-Modern, Modern, Contemporary, Photo Realism, Hyper Realism, Pointillism, Cubism and any combination thereof.

Mixed Media Includes - Video & Digital, Installations, Sonic Art,

Structural, Sculptural, 3-D

Installations - 3-D site specific works, created specifically for each client.

Portraits - Photo Realistic Portraits in all mediums and all surfaces. Combine characters, family members, pets, icons, living and deceased members, or any custom combination.

Murals - Interior, Exterior (homes), Commercial Structures, Public Works, Projects, Cover-ups, Faux Work

​Jewelry - Semi-precious and precious gemstones and Swarovski Crystals, and custom craft work, using only the finest materials. We offer birth charting to create personalized, quality pieces of jewelry that will compliment any occasion!